'EAST 7th street' by erro

welcome to 7th street. we live and work on this street. we walk our dogs on this street. a couple of years ago we moved to this part of east village dubbed alphabet city and finally found home. our studio is located between avenue c and avenue d on the very outskirts of the alphabet. a part of the city with a  multi-cultural history and a vibrant cultural scene. things have changed, but you can still feel the art, poetry and punk in the walls walking down 7th street. there is even a documentary shot on our very block, called '7th Street' by Josh pais. 

luckily there are still remnants from that era. handsome dick manitoba of the dictators still own the legendary punk bar manitoba. richard hell still lives in the same apartment as he did during times of richard hell and the voidoids. avenue c is still called loisaida avenue, which is what the latinos and nuyoricans called it back in the days. we love our street. 

WE shot on EAST 7th street with our photographer friend john scarisbrick. John lived and experienced east village and alphabet city when it was still rough. Model hayett mccarthy had. being both british and french, AN attitude and the right look for erro.

this is '7th Street' by erro. shot by john scarisbrick on a hasselblad h2 camera on april 21st 2017. starring hayett mccarthy.